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ADDRESS:      Patterson 989,NY

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Memberships can be purchased in these ways:
  1. Download, fill out and print the membership form. Sign the document then email to nabreinedcowhorseclub@gmail.com. Pay online by clicking the membership type below.
  2. Print and fill out the membership form then mail with payment
  3. Fill out membership and pay at show **MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE ENTERING THE WARM-UP**
Helpful hints when purchasing your membership:
    1. If you choose to have your confirmation mailed to you it will depend on Canada Post as to when you receive your membership.
    2. If you choose to have your confirmation emailed to you, please check your junk folder before inquiring if membership has been processed.
    3. You must fill out and sign the membership, the waiver, and the declaration and return to our office before your membership is processed.
    4. Once we receive payment and all 3 forms (membership, waiver and declaration) we will process your membership.
Please click this link to purchase your membership. Ensure to fill out your membership and Non-pro declaration forms.


Membership form is now a fillable PDF, you may DOWNLOAD and fill out on your computer.
​Please email to: nabreinedcowhorseclub@gmail.com