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Show Information

April 29 -30 , 2023 Schooling Show & Horse Show
May 20/21, 2023 NARCHC Calgary Stampede Qualifier
June 16-18, 2023 Wildrose Derby & Cow Horse Show
Proudly sponsored by Bar TT Cow Horse

Wildrose Derby & Cow Horse Show 2 Results ( NRCHA Show 2 is a Jackpot)

Horse Show 2 Cutting Results

Horse Show 2 Cowhorse Results

Horse Show 2 NRCHA Results

July 29-30 NARCHC Weekend Show





Olds August 12-13 NARCHC Weekend Show




NARCHC Futurity, Jensen Silver Derby & Horse SHow
Oct 11-15, 2023

Oct Finals Show Confirmation ( you will have until Sept 29, 2023 at 6:00 pm to scratch without penalties.  Please email any changes that need to be made)

Oct Finals Show 1 Confirmation

Oct Finals Show 2 Confirmation

Practice Herd Works

Practice Fence Works


2023 Oct Schedule Schedule – September 28, 2023

Oct Finals Show Confirmations

4 night stall

3 night stall


First Draft of Stall Map

Oct Finals Stall Map